NeXTdimension Board for NeXTcube

NeXTdimension Board

  • Intel i860 33MHz RISC Processor 
  • 8MB to 32MB of main memory expandable using simms 
  • 4MB VRAM video memory 
  • 32 bits/pixel color, including 8 bits/pixel alpha channel 
  • Supports double-buffered 16 bits/pixel windows 
  • 1120x832 pixels 
  • 13W3 triple-coaxialed display output 

Video Input/Output

  • NTSC Video input and output channels 
  • Video output genlocked to input source 
  • Closed-caption, TeleText and VITC support 
  • One S-Video input using standard 4pin DIN jack 
  • Two composite inputs using RCA style jack 
  • One S-Video output 
  • One composite output 
  • One RGB video output using 9-pin D-Shell with EGA pinout 

Color Display

  • 17" Color display 
  • 1120x832 resolution at 2 bits/pixel at 92dpi 
  • 68Hz Refresh rate 
  • 0.26mm dot pitch 
  • 13W3 triple coaxialed connector 
  • 150W 120/240V Selectable 


  • Integrated monophonic speaker and microphone 
  • Headphone and RCA style stereo output jacks 
  • NeXT keyboard and mouse interface