Jumper Setting Information

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All Caviar drives have a jumper block (J8) located next to the 40-pin connector on the drive. These jumpers select options on the hard drive.The Caviar drive is factory set for a single drive installation. All newer Caviar drives are shipped with a jumper shunt in the neutral storage position (across pins 5 and 3) for future dual drive use. If you are installing the Caviar drive as the only IDE drive in your system, leave the jumper shunt in the neutral storage position. Jumper shunts are not required for single drive installations. In dual drive installations, jumper shunts are needed to designate which drive is master and which is slave. Refer to Figure 1 for an illustration of all jumper settings.

If you have a dual installation (two IDE drives), you must designate one of the drives as the master and the other as the slave. The jumper pins on block J8 need to be configured for the dual installation. For your other drive, consult its installation guide for master/slave configuration.

To designate the Caviar drive as the MASTER, place a jumper shunt across pins 5-6.

To designate the Caviar drive as the SLAVE, place a jumper shunt across pins 3-4.

To install a jumper shunt on the J8 jumper pins:

Figure 1.

Note: Designation of a drive as either master or slave is determined by jumper configuration, not by the order in which it is daisy-chained to the other drive.

Drive Rails

Some computer systems have 5.25-inch drive bays that require unique sliding drive rails to complete the hard drive installation. Each system manufacturer has a different type of drive rail and for this reason, rails are not included with Western Digital hard drives. If your system requires drive rails, you must contact the computer system manufacturer directly to obtain the rails for your particular system. The following is a list of the most common system manufacturers and their corresponding phone numbers:

AST		(800) 727-1278
Compaq		(800) 652-6672
Dell		(800) 624-9896
Gateway 2000	(800) 846-2000
IBM		(800) 772-2227
NEC		(800) 388-8888
Packard Bell	(800) 733-4411