Quantum ProDrive LPS52AT

The following values are used to set the PC/AT CMOS Table.

Cylinder	751
Heads		8
Sectors		17
Write Precomp	None or 65535*
Landing Zone	751

*= The Quantum ProDrive does not require Write Pre compensation, your CMOS setting should be set to reflect that this feature is not enabled. A value of 65535 is a number that many BIOS manufactures use to disable this feature if the value 'none' is not present.

Jumper Settings

The Prodrive LPS has three drive mode jumper options; DS, SP and DM. To configure the drive as:

The SP jumper is only used when the second drive in a two drive configuration does not support DASP. DASP (Drive active / drive 1 present) is a CAM (Common Access Method) defined signal that indicates the presence of a second drive, DASP is used during power on initialization and after a reset. Prior to this definition, products were introduced which did not utilize this method to detect the presence of a second drive. The SP jumper is only used on the MASTER drive, with the DS jumper, when the second drive does not support DASP.

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