The following drives are now owned by SEQUEL Inc. and are supported and repaired by them. DRIVE TYPE ----- ---- XT-1050 MFM XT-1065 MFM XT-1085 MFM XT-1105 MFM XT-1140 MFM XT-2085 MFM XT-2140 MFM XT-2190 MFM XT-1120R RLL XT-1240R RLL XT-4170E ESDI XT-4170S SCSI EXT-4125 ESDI (SOFT SECTOR ONLY) EXT-4175 ESDI (SOFT SECTOR ONLY) XT-4230E ESDI EXT-4280E ESDI (SOFT SECTOR ONLY) EXT-4380E ESDI (SOFT SECTOR ONLY) XT-4380E ESDI XT-4380S SCSI SEQUEL INC 2300 Central Expressway Santa Clara, CA 95054-4972 800-848-5837 408-987-1000 Revision A Sandoval/Anderson 10/07/93