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SCSI Bus Address
There are four jumpers available for configuration of SCSI ID: E1, E2, E3 and E4, or alternatively pins 1, 3, 5 and 7 or J5. The following table defines the relationship between the jumpers or the pins on J5 and the SCSI ID:

SCSI ID E1/Pin1 E2/Pin3 E3/Pin5 E3/Pin7
0 Out/open Out/open Out/open Out/open
1 In/Ground Out/open Out/open Out/open
2 Out/open In/Ground Out/open Out/open
3 In/Ground In/Ground Out/open Out/open
4 Out/open Out/open In/Ground Out/open
5 In/Ground Out/open In/Ground Out/open
6 Out/open In/Ground In/Ground Out/open
7 In/Ground In/Ground In/Ground Out/open
8 Out/open Out/open Out/open In/Ground
9 In/Ground Out/open Out/open In/Ground
10 Out/open In/Ground Out/open In/Ground
11 In/Ground In/Ground Out/open In/Ground
12 Out/open Out/open In/Ground In/Ground
13 In/Ground Out/open In/Ground In/Ground
14 Out/open In/Ground In/Ground In/Ground
15 In/Ground In/Ground In/Ground In/Ground

Disable Spin: A jumper in the E5 location disables spin up on power-on. Disabling spin up on application of power can also be enabled by settting the DSPN bit in MODE SELECT page 00H.

E5 DSPN Result
In 0 Spin Disabled
In 1 Spin Disabled
Out 0 Spin up on Power On
Out 1 Spin Disabled

(The table on this page requires NETSCAPE version 1.1 b3 or later to view properly.)

1 +12V
2 Ground
3 Ground
4 +5V

Mounting Holes
Side: 6-32 UNC-2B .15 MAX. Insertion
Bottom: 6-32 UNC-2B .25 MAX. Insertion