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The C/D jumper is used to determine whether the drive is a master (drive C) or slave (drive D). The drive is configured as a master (drive C) when jumpered and as a slave drive (drive D) when not jumpered.
DSP & SS:This pair of jumpers determines the signals on pin 39 of the interface connector.

Jumper Action
X - spindle synchronization signal disabled on pin 39.
- activity LED signal available on pin 39.
- Must be in place for CAM/ATA drives.
X - spindle synchronization signal enabled on pin 39.
- activity LED signal disabled from pin 39.
- pin 39 floating.

E1 Disable Spin Up until
command recieved
E2 Not used
E3 Not used

(The table on this page requires NETSCAPE version 1.1 b3 or later to view properly.)

1 +12V
2 Ground
3 Ground
4 +5V

1 +5V
2 +12V
3 Ground

CMOS Drive Parameters
Cylinders 683
Heads 16
Precomp 0
Landing Zone 683

Mounting Holes
Side: 6-32 UNC-2B .15 MAX. Insertion
Bottom: 6-32 UNC-2B .37MAX. Insertion