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The C/D jumper is used to determine whether the drive is a master (drive C) or a slave (drive D). The drive is configured as a master, when jumpered, and a slave when not jumpered. The ATA/ISA jumper is used when daisy-chaining two drives. This jumper may have to be removed when this drive is used together with older (Pre-ATA) drives. The cable select (CS) jumper is used in systems implementing cable select, in which master or slave is determined by the connector attached to the task file interface.

(The table on this page requires NETSCAPE version 1.1 or later for proper viewing.)

1 +12V
2 Ground
3 Ground
4 +5V

CMOS Drive Parameters
Cylinders 1050*
Heads 16
Sectors 63
Precomp 0
Landing Zone 1050

* 1024 Cylinders should be entered into the CMOS parameters unless the drive is being used with a device driver, BIOS, or OS capable of supporting extended cylinders or LBA.

Mounting Holes
Side: 6-32 UNC-2B .16 Max. Insertion
Bottom: 6-32 UNC-2B .22 Max. Insertion